Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kaylee Violet Gubb

We had a little baby girl this morning. She is beautiful, a little bit red and squishy, but beautiful all the same. For the ladies she weighs 4310g, that's 9 pound 8, a big little baby. She is feeding well and Mum is recovering.

Big thanks to both Nanas who helped out by taking care of Jade and Dad. Did have to kick them out of the hospital to let the patients sleep, but they were great when everyone was awake.

Jade is still unsure what to make of the new baby. At first she didn't want to get to close, but by bed time tonight Jade was giving Kaylee kisses, so cute to watch. Doesn't mind sharing Mum to much, huge relief to the parents.
The staff at the Taranaki Base Hospital were really good. We knew what was happening, and when. Thanks also to everyone who has offered us congratulations on facebook. I'll put new photos up as they come, the ones already up can be found here.


Lina said...

I can't remember if I posted you on Facebook, but congratulations on your new bundle :)

boredmormon said...

Thanks. She is growing well. A little bit sick at the moment. Your little one can't be far away now either.

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