Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The important things in life

Every once in a while something happens to make you stop and reevaluate. Sometimes its big things, like the earthquake in Christchurch, or the tsunami in Japan. Sometimes its the loss of a family member. Sometimes its a accident at work, the 'It could have been me' scenario. And sometimes its just noticing how tall a little girl is. And occasionally all of the above.

I'm not going to go on about spending every day like it was your last. I wouldn't turn up to work if it was my last day on earth. If everyone lived like that it would very soon be our last day.

The things we should do today are more subtle then that. Am I happy on my current path? If I keep going in this direction will I be happy in ten years? In twenty? In fifty? Am I spending the right amount of time doing the things I want to do? The things I would like to do? The things I have to do?

Its no good planning to be happy at some future time. Every moment of our lives is going to have a bad and a good. Plan to be happy today.

For me there was no drastic changes to be made. Just a few small ones. How about you?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Windows 7

Work just upgraded my computer, way more specy then my home model. Its built on Windows 7. The software seems great, but is taking a while to get used to. Fortunately I'd used ribbons before at uni, so office wasn't too much of a struggle.

Overall Microsoft have tried to make the whole system user friendly. That is a a complete new direction for them. I like it. Sure they have stolen every new idea from someone else, fortunately they have enough money to pull it off.

The new start bar looks surprisingly familar, comes straight from the Mac system, its not as crowded though. Hovering over each button shows a small window displaying the program, very useful when you have seven word documents open at once. Very similar to the tabs in internet explorer, incidently those were stolen from firefox.

The start button is still there, comparatively ugly and not as useful as previous start buttons, the all programs menu now scrolls. Only cosmetic changes to the desktop, still much the same as 3.1.

Windows explorer (my computer or file manager) has gone through an upgrade. Took me about ten minutes to fins out what happend to the up button. Another useless innovation is libraries, the idea is to access all of your files from one place, no matter where they are stored. Basically turns into a huge messy list of files, defeating the whole intended purpose of folders.

I have mixed feelings about hiding the technical stuff. Its great having error messages that my mum could read and understand. But the changes to the file system mean its harder to keep track of where everything is going, especially if you copy programs without installing them. Developer tools, such as the visual basic editor, are also hard to find. On the upside the networking seems to work without much tweaking.

In short I like it. But like any new system it takes getting used too. In a couple of months I'll report if it is as bugfilled as previous software from microsoft...