Monday, June 13, 2011

Tales for Canterbury

I'll admit it, I've never read a short story outside of high school English class. And you can forget about poetry, the last poem I looked at was an acrostic at primary school, 'mother' down the left side of the page in a card. My mum told me it was brilliant, I still believe her. No, I've stayed strictly puritanical in the world of novels. Beginning to regret that now.
From Saturn's moons to Aladdin's ring to zombie apocalypse, and that's just in the first thirty pages, Tales for Canterbury has impressed me. Alternatly inspiring or distirbing, moving or sad, there are even a few that I didn't get at all, meaning there is something for every taste.

Sure, you can't sink your teeth into a completely new world in a short story. Its strange to read science fiction that doesn't care about physics. But I would highly reccomend Tales for Canterbury.

And now I'm off to try my hand at a short story.

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