Saturday, June 4, 2011

An accountant moment

One of my bosses at work loves to explain things using funny little jokes. I'm not sure how much it improves understanding, but it got me thinking. We were having an account moment.

Question: What is one and one?

Artist: Someting beautiful
Mathematician: Two
Engineer: Three, I always over design by a factor of fifty percent
Accountant: What would you like it to be?

And from some of my own roles

Student: Will this be on the exam?
Inner editor: What are one and one?
Writer: How did the ones get together? What would happen if they were separated? What if one was a two instead? Just look at the possbilities.
Plant manager: What does your operating procedure say?

And my wife

Graphic designer: Isn't it more about the space behind the ones?
Impressionist: Light, dappling in the shadows
Surrealist: A representation of inner dreams
Expectant mother: Too many days

(Okay, so I don't understand the art references, but that's beside the point.)

So what is one and one for you? I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.


That;'s News said...

It's a song, isn't it?

One and one Medicine Head

All that hair!!!!

Anonymous said...

One is one separate, apart
A single person slightly adrift
Avoiding lights and New Years Eve clamor
A babe, just arrived a little howler
To get attention, a glamourpuss
One is not one when attached to a plus sign
Then the possibilities increase, a start
For sure, enough to cause a rift
Ensuring, not forcing, yet pressure rumored
An older or younger babe to encounter the first yowler, the number one
Both will get attention one by one

boredmormon said...

@ That;'s News - That is a lot of hair. Can't say the music is to my taste, bt each to his own

boredmormon said...

For anonymous

I like it. Seems especially relevant to me at the moment, we've just had the second one.

What is one and one? A whole lot less sleep for daddy

Martin S said...

That was all we had in the 1970s!

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