Saturday, July 12, 2014

From the phone.

So turns out the problem with Megan's computer was a faulty hard drive. We have yet to hear if any of the data can be recovered. And like a genius I didn't back up any of my games. So you won't be seeing any improvements on the tower defense game anytime soon. 

The good news is this frees me up to work on a new project. This one is going to be a remake of space invaders. A good old fashioned 2D space shooter. Complete with pew pew sound effects.

At first glance this is significantly less ambitious then my previous projects. But here is the difference. I will be implementing a learning AI. No more mindless aliens wandering on set, predictable paths. These aliens will be able to learn your play style and adapt to it.

Promised features for the game. You can hold me to this list later.
- Movement and firing of the player spaceship. Gotta put in one goal I know I can meet
- Multiple guns for the human player to choose from
- Aliens with the ability to sense and respond to their environment
- An alien overlord able to spawn aliens better suited to your play style
Stretch goals
- Powerups that can be picked up by the player or the alien
- Multiple alien spaceships driven by pilots of differing personalities
- A leaderboard fully intergrated with Facebook so you can brag to your friends
- An editon for mobile. I can put whatever I like here, something else is bound to distract me before I get this far

Speaking I which, I think I see something shinny...

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