Sunday, July 20, 2014

Art director assigned

So we have an announcement to make. I have officially employed an art director for my new game. One of the perks of being married to a brilliant artist. We sat down last night and fleshed out a few design details.

We picked a tentative working title of Space Invaders 2.0. There are probably a thousand different reasons we won't be able to use that in the final game, but it works for now. Can't really keep calling it the 'new game' forever.

The story starts soon after the time of classic space invaders. The aliens get together on the mother ship and finally agree that the strategy of going side to side is just not working any more. The humans are able to predict every movement. Various strategies are discussed, moving up and down, diagonals, and sine waves are all discarded. 

Then one alien suggests giving the pilots the ability to change tactics depending on the human tactics. A hush descends over the mothership as the idea sets in. The first few waves are a disaster, but the alien's prove to be fast learners, quickly discovering how to dodge bullets, and how to concentrate firepower for maximum effect.

On the human side it's going to be a classic upgrade game. Play a few levels, earn some cash, buy some bigger and better weapons, repeat. Game play will involve defending this skylines if iconic cities around the world. And maybe a few sheep on the secret level.

And as a final tribute to the original the game will start with a single level of classic play, a tutorial of sorts. Will probably throw some sort of endless play mode in after the campaign too.

Let me know in the comments if there is anything else you'd like to see.


Ifan said...

Gubb~ count me in man! Lets do a game together some times in the future : )

Kiwasi said...

Sounds good. I'm currently messing around with a Book of Mormon game, you can see the rough outline here.

Or if you have any other art work or concepts you'd be interested in seeing turned into a game then drop me an email.

Kiwasi said...

And if anyone is curious, this one didn't go anywhere. At the time coding a learning AI proved to be too ambitious. But is was fun trying.

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