Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Not as easy as it sounded

My 300 words on day one was slightly short. Today I've got to write a lot to catch up. But I'm enjoying the experience. It’s an odd feeling to say 'that sentence doesn't work at all, but who cares'. Nothing is polished or pretty. But it’s there.

In the spirit of NaNaWriMo I decided to do everything this month, including all of the planning and plot. It’s exciting, I literally have no idea what is going to happen next. Normally I know the 'end from the beginning'. Yesterday Zeek and his pals were fighting off hordes of soldiers and a sorcerer. Mouse was trying to pick the lock on a door so they could escape. Today I'll find out what’s behind the door. And tomorrow, who knows?

How is everybody else going?

Good luck
BM out


Aaron Osman said...

hey is this your blog too? http://boredmormon.blogspot.com

Kiwasi said...

No, that would be my ideal URL, but someone beat me too it.

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