Friday, November 26, 2010

Another job interview, another physiometric test (psychometric)

Thank you for being shortlisted for the position. To help us with our selection process please answer the following question.

Are you a person who:

A) is on time for work
B) likes spending time with friends
C) is physically active
D) likes cats

Please choose the response that is most like you and the one that is least like you.

Now answer a hundred more similar questions.

Your brain should now be completely exhausted. Please complete the following timed reading comprehension test.

That was wonderful. Could you now do this numerical reasoning test. Its timed too, which will make it more demanding then any exam you sat at university. Don't make any mistakes, we won't let you go back and correct your answers.

In three days a psychologist will call you to discuss your results. Thank you for your time.

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