Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Unity Developer Certification

So I got my Unity Developer Certification today. It was actually surprisingly easy. 

Key tips:

Do the practice questions on the certification training material. Many of the exam questions as are very similar.

Do a refresher on which components are in which menus. 'Just type it in the search box' isn't a valid answer for 'how do you add component xxx'.

Be broadly aware of the entire engine, the surrounding services, and the industry at large. You don't need to be an expert on any of these areas, but you do need to have the big picture. Examples include animation, coding, lighting, unity services, game genres, production pipeline and so on.

Relax. The exam is pretty easy. There are a few places where the wording is designed to trip you up. But ultimately if you know your stuff the exam will be a breeze.

And for reference, I'm Melbourne's first Unity certified developer. That's my claim to fame for this week.


Anonymous said...

Are there any areas that ask you to fill in the blank or is it all multiple choice?

Kiwasi said...

The questions fall into two main types.

Type one is multi choice questions. These are simply a case of picking the best answer out of four.

The other is click an area of the screen. So the question might be 'Identify where you would click to add a component', you would be given a picture of the Unity editor. The answer would require clicking on the Add Component button.

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