Monday, April 13, 2015

Pond Wars

So I'm relaunching Pond Wars. This time the game is being distributed free. Play the game. Share it with your friends. Tell everyone you know. And comment here or send me an email if you have suggestions.

About the game

Pond Wars is a simple two player game. Each player takes control of a ship and attempts to destroy the other player. The game is designed to have two players on a single keyboard, in the style of classic games like mortal combat or wacky wheels. Player fire cannons at each other in an attempt to sink the other ship. The twist is that player can't aim. As cannon balls hit the water they create waves. Players must time their shots to the movement of the waves to aim their shots.

Where can I get Pond Wars?

Pond wars is playable online at Kongregate
You can also play it online on Facebook
Download Pond Wars for PC 
Download Pond Wars for MAC

This game is so awesome, I want to pay for it!

If you liked Pond Wars and want to give something back, share the game with your friends. Spam everyone on Facebook. Share screen shots and videos of the game. Send the game to reviewers. Write blog posts about it.

And above all, have fun playing the game!


Unknown said...

Hello Boredmormon,

A big thank you for creating Pond Wars. At lunch times, we have eight player tournaments of Pond Wars, joking about the wacky water and flying boats.

I was wondering if you are planning any updates for the game, since we are very keen for more.

Thanks, BudgieKnight

Kiwasi said...

Glad you like it. I wasn't aware anyone outside me and my kids was playing the game! I should probably figure out how to add in some sort of analytics package.

There are a few ideas I've been toying around with.

- Configurable input
- Single player mode
- Hazards
- Bonuses
- Selectable weapons

As yet I haven't settled on what to add in. If you have any specific features you want let me know. It can be things from the list or things I haven't thought of. No promises.

Oh and for the record my wife wants to be able to play as a submarine. Not sure how to make that mechanic will work yet.

Unknown said...

Thank you for your quick reply.

The controls work well and singe player mode in my opinion wouldn't really add much.

Hazards and Bonuses would be nice, but selectable weapons would be amazing. Heres a list of weapon ideas...

- Rapid firing cannon machine gun
- Flamethrower like weapon
- Bomb cannons that float and explode after a short amount of time
- Mortar Cannon that shoots balls up in the air
- Sniper like cannon that shoots balls really fast in a straight line, but takes a while to reload.
- Lead cannonballs that really messes up the water.

Of course, this is your game so do whatever you like. It's already very fun at the moment.

Dariusz G. Jagielski said...

Please add network multiplayer or at least ai player.

Kiwasi said...

AI has been requested a few times. I'll add it in.

Networked multiplayer is the dream. The project is actually started. It turns out that coordinating the wave physics is harder then it appears. Now that UNet is out I might have another go at it.

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