Sunday, February 16, 2014

Mind blowing images from the other dimension

No, its not a couch, sorry to disappoint.

In fact its not really from another dimension either, except in an abstract mathematical sense.

I did not set out to create these pictures, they were entirely a side effect of my game design.

I think they are pretty enough to stay in the final version.

Let me know what you think in the comments. I'll post more screenshots as the game develops.


Anonymous said...

Is this a moving image? If so it would be cool to see it animated :)

Kiwasi said...

During game play you could see the image moving in real time. It was pretty cool to watch. Unfortunately the game was lost in a hard drive crash. These pictures are all that remain. I now do regular backups.

I do intend to come back to this game and rebuild. However the final result I was after is still beyond my technical capabilities.

If you are interested in a technical discussion of how the pictures were produced I could be persuaded to sketch out a few details. Let me know.

In the mean time look forward to Pond Wars. My first game that is actually going to be released. Plan is sometime this month. That reminds me, I should probably write a blog post about it.

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