Tuesday, February 22, 2011


At two thirty I got an email saying that there was another earthquake in christchurch. I thought nothing of it, just another aftershock, they happen all the time.

Wandering through the corridors a large number of people were on there phones. Nobody was saying much, just listening. I overheard a news report, it sounded as if someone had the wrong number, wires crossed somewhere in the system.

At three fifteen I went to a meeting. My boss has his time allocated in fifteen minute blocks throughout the day, he's never late. He was late.

My boss arrived we talked for a few moments. He made a call, one guys was okay, two still unacounted for, a fourth in Nelson. Buildings down. Bodies on the streets. Warehouse okay, workers sent home, more important things to take care of then a few busted containers. Another call interupted the first, missing guys accounted for, still trying to track down families.

I arrived back at my office. There was a message on my phone, from our new land line number. My wife loves being able to call people, I just have to remember to programme it in. The message system is strange, new messages come in through email, you open them and they play through your phone. Her voice is shaken, I know she was having a bad day. Mum had called, my sister had been driving into town around two thirty, I'd forgotten she was on holiday down there. She's okay. Kind of funny really, thought she had a flat tyre and pulled over to the side of the road. Turns out it was a little more serious then that.

Our prayers are with everyone is Christchurch. May God bless those who remain, and speed those who are gone on their way.

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