Monday, September 20, 2010

What's in a name?

I've been asked a couple of times why the name BoredMormon.

The story starts a long time ago. Before the days of face book, when only computer nerds had usb sticks and dialup still made you cool. It happened pretty much where I'm sitting now, maybe even the same chair. I'd just started uni, and was very proud of my degree. I went by the screen name of biochemengine, very creative. This is his story.

biochemengine spent his time wandering around gaming sites, chatrooms and forums. Essentially anything that promised to kill some time. Google provided lots of interesting diversions. But googling 'mormon' is not for the faint hearted. Hundreds of websites exist solely to attack church doctrine and practice.

For a while biochemengine just listened to what was being said. Occasionally he would participate in discussions. Then someone started a new thread about the Mormon church. 'This is my chance,' he thought and jumped in feet first. There was lots of work to do, correcting misinterpretations, explaining church doctrine and exposing blatant lies. People were learning. He was being a missionary.

'Which ward and stake are you in?'

The question cut biochemengine to the core. What sort of missionary was he, hiding his identity to convert people? Ultimately it was dishonesty, and Mormons don't do dishonest. From that moment biochemengine disappeared. In his place came BoredMormon, vowing never again to hide his true identity. And the work to convert the internet continued.


Since then I've served a mission, and came back older and wiser. Now I realise I was wasting my time trying to convert strangers over the internet. But the name remains as a reminder never to hide who I am.


Anonymous said...

What an awesome site, and well done on being KiwiWriters Blogger of the month! Keep up the good work!

Determinist said...

Boredmormon, congrats on kiwiwriter blog of the month - I'm one of the founders and love how the web page has come along over the last few years.

Oh - this may interest you - apparently, if you want to know something about religions, it pays to ask an atheist:

Take the quiz and find out.

Kiwasi said...

Hey Determinist

I quite enjoy kiwiwriters, thanks for the effort put in with the site.

I got 14 out of 15 on the quiz. Had no idea what the First Great Awakening was (But thanks to google and Wiki that is fixed). But it doesn't surprise me that I know more then 97% of americans.

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